Consent letter by Frau Elisabeth Furtwängler to us dated September 1, 2003 to accept an appointment as Honorary President.

This letter has been scan-copied and uploaded here at her explicit authorization.

Elisabeth Furtwängler        11.09.03


To the Wilhelm Furtwängler Centre of Japan 

Dear Mr. Nakamura,

Dear Mr. Suzuki,


Thank you very much for your letter enclosing the essential attachments.

Today I wish to fulfil first your desire and inform you that I gladly accept the proposed Honorary President.  I am prepared to answer your possible questions with pleasure.  A detailed letter is still to follow; however due to the fact that you informed me of the date of establishment being October 1, 2003, I hasten to forward you this agreement. 

With hearty greetings, 


Elisabeth Furtwängler